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Nabulsi Knafeh

Our Knafeh is 100% Nabulsi confirmed by people of Nablus and Knafeh lovers.

Our Cheese

The taste of our Knafeh is never compromised because we use imported, authentic Nabulsi cheese - we never use cheaper cheeses (like mozzarella) or frozen cheeses.

We cut the cheese (salty) and soak it in water until the saltiness level is just right! Original Nabulsi cheese must have a touch of saltiness.

What makes our Knafeh unique?

We make our Knafeh dough in-house and use the best flour money can buy. Our ingredients are imported from Al-Zahra Factory in Nablus.

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Pulling Knafeh Kunafeh from a tray exposing a cheese pull
Baklava in Chicago

Experts of


Baklava can only taste amazing if the highest-quality ingredients are used. Nablus sweets use natural, imported ghee and the freshest pistachios.

Our Baklava is made with care and love, so that you can impress your taste buds, or the taste buds of those you’re gifting the Baklava to!

This Bakalva tray is a perfect gift, and you can also view other packaging options.

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