A bit of history                

Whenever he left his Chicago home to visit his family in the Palestinian village he grew up in, Mohommad Ahmad always made sure to have a slice of kanafa with the relatives. Though several places in Chicago offered kanafa, none tasted as good or melted in your mouth as deliciously as the rich kanafa in Palestine. After growing tired of only having authentic kanafa and desserts on the sporadic summer family trips, Mohommad finally asked the local kanafa makers in Chicago why theirs didn't taste like the desserts back home. "The ingredients are different," they would say.

"The right ingredients are only made in Palestine."

Dreaming of enriching the Palestinian culture and cuisine in Bridgeview (a Chicago suburb often called "Little Palestine"), Mohommad went about learning what it takes to make the kanafa so authentic, it would taste as if it came from the streets of Nablus or Ramallah.

To open up a Palestinian bakery that tasted of home, everything had to be right. All the ingredients (and even the equipment!) used had to be from "back home." And in 2006, Nablus sweets was opened. Striving to achieve maximum authenticity, every bit of cheese, all the ingredients used make the journey to Chicago from Palestine.

In addition to kanafa, Nablus sweets also specializes in baklava, hareesa (basbousa), 'awama, and a variety of other Palestinian and Middle Eastern sweets that boost the spirit of Palestine in the surrounding Chicago community.